Bunga Telur Foam Pink

I proudly present some of my designs for my customer, Kak Taty for her newly born daughter's Aqiqah. Just made them last night as she wanted to see some samples but I had not kept any of the pink range last time. The event is this coming Saturday and she needed 60 units..Pheewh talking about last minute order! But I still accepted for the sake of fun. I love pink!!!
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Hantaran akad nikah- Gold and Silver theme

11 December 2009- majlis akad nikah di Kemensah Heights, hantaran kepada pihak lelaki this time gold n silver theme. I purposely made the Sirih Junjung as the main attraction of this hantaran which costs Rm150.00. I like the strawberry sticks and the cake which the host ordered from a different source, would recommend these to others as they really looked ausumn! In short this hantaran really looks simple and exclusive, definitely  suitable for a VIP background without having to spend thousands of RM. You want a quotation? Just gimme a call...
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Engagement-Pink n Green English Fresh Flowers

So before i made Amin's hantaran, I was doing his fiance's Eliza. There were about 8 coz she wanted to include a sirih junjung. Her theme was English Rose. Pink and green were the base colours of this set and I used two tones of pink for the flowers. To make the hantaran look English, I used boxes, small treasure chests and a tray that had some patterns of pink roses on them. These are really suitable for engagement I must say and I loved how things turned out. I heard one of the guests said hantaran from the man's side were blended in with the women's. Off course they do, they were both done by the same person haha.. Like it? Call me for your quotation!
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Engagement- Wooden dulang and White Fresh Flowers

12 December 2009- My cousin Amin's engagement. It took me about 4 hours to complete all the five hantaran including the tepak, using fresh flowers, the night before. These flowers were from what was left that day as most of them had been used for other 2 customers. Such a busy day indeed! Basically I used white roses, and just about four soft pink roses, white lilies, a couple of sundal malam, baileys and baby breaths. Whats unique about this set of hantaran is the wooden 'dulang' which i used for my engagement some years back, even the alas were the same!I Anybody interested in this design do call me for quotation yea! It's one of my favourites..

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Cupcake Demonstration Wangsa Walk Mall 5 & 6 Dec 2009

I had the privilege to make a demonstration on how to decorate cupcakes at Wangsa Walk Mall last weekend in conjunction with Sweet Bowl Cafe and Sofea Cookies and Cakes. I should say it was a really fun experience and am looking forward to be involved in similar events in the future. The crowd was very participative and seemed to enjoy themselves as they had the chance to decorate their cupcakes. Who wouldn't right? For those who would like to order these pretty cupcakes please do contact me as the prices are based on the sizes and the designs. I will accept orders for any occasions and depending on the quantity you may get a very good discount!!
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